If you happen to be in Hackney and spot a 5’6 female with blonde hair, blue eyes, headphones in her ears and sporting bright yellow tights then its probably me. Hello. 

Just so you know a bit more about me, I have an active and enquiring mind and am interested in all types of design, music and art. 
A problem solver by nature and someone who believes that the changing landscape of how we communicate offers endless opportunities to continue to grow as a designer.

I cover all areas of design, from conceptual thinking and strategy to visual layout, with a strong understanding of the development process. I work best in collaboration, bouncing ideas between colleagues and myself to find the best possible solution. I like to be inspired by all aspects of life, from visiting exhibitions and shows to spotting new graffiti on the walk to work.  I look forward to new challenges and am constantly seeking to improve on the skills that I have, be they personal or professional.