Vauxhall have been sponsoring the Home nation football teams for a number of years, and a change in the tone of voice and the energy of the campaign was needed for the 2016 European championships and beyond. For this requirement GetIN was created. A campaign that celebrates the moment of Joy and comradeship that football can bring, whether you are a die-hard fan or not.

The GetIN brand uses vibrant summer colours with a stylised use of photography and bold typography. The use of elegant CSS loading animations and graphics, both on desktop and mobile, make sure that the site has the “wow” factor that the client was looking for. This core content was used to support a number of competition based campaigns, such as the opportunity to 'get in' to Robbie Savage's house to watch the Wales V England match.

The project has been brilliantly received by both the client and the public and has been shortlisted for a DMA award.