TSB interactive screen

TSB has positioned itself as the bank that listens and cares about its customers, whether that in the products they offer or the customer service they provide in branch. In order to improve the branch experience, 84inch screens are being installed, both to inform customers of products, services or News stories they might not have known about, and to answer questions that otherwise the customer might have stood in line for a cashier to answer.

As screens of this size are an emerging technology, it was important to undertake a full UX research process to determine both how people like to use screens of this size and the challenges it presents them with, such as the physical limitations of moving your body to engage with the screen, and the desire to maintain privacy whilst sharing a screen with strangers.

Our solution focused on different ‘depths’ of content, an initial message called paddle, at a scale to be easily readable from a distance, then once the User has engaged with the content a dashboard appears. This allows them to comfortably read the article they have selected and encourage the User to carry on exploring additional content that may be of interest.

The UI we created is playful and easy to use, both physically and mentally, whilst adhering to the TSB brand guidelines producing an engaging and enjoyable experience for customers.