Pernod Ricard email template

Pernod Ricard are the owners of some of the worlds most popular alcoholic drinks, such as Jacobs Creek, Malibu, Havana Club and Glenlivet. They have a large and loyal following to these brands across social media and existing email newsletters. Currently these newsletters are created as bespoke pieces of work.

Bespoke email designs are costly, development requires large amounts of time, even if brand guidelines dictate a look and feel that is identical each time. By using a template it removes the development cost as all of the technical build has already been completed.

An email template was commissioned, with multiple module options, which would allow for one technical build, but multiple design options by applying 10 bespoke skins for 10 different brands. These would then be used as building blocks by creatives, allowing them to have the freedom to create the right tone and impact, by selecting the most appropriate modules to construct the email. 

All of the 10 brands now have an email template that is unique to them, and allows for emails to be created from a library of different modules to meet an individual campaigns needs.